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Too many times our customers visit us after they purchased a printer that didn’t meet their needs. When you are ready to buy a printer talk to us! We are experienced at sizing up your true needs and helping you find the right solution that will lower your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) during the life of the printer. Here are the most common mistakes we see when businesses buy printers:

Falling in the all-in-one trap – An all-in-one printer/scanner/copier/fax often is more temperamental than a single use dedicated machine. And if one function breaks down, the entire unit may need to be replaced. Slow to print and copy and fax, you may want to consider separate machines or other options (like cloud or virtual faxing.)

Not Buying the Color Laser Jet – Trying to save money, many businesses opt for the black only laser jet…but then splurge on dozens of ink tanks as employees send color jobs to desktop ink jet printers. The upfront cost of a color laser jet could be made up for in saving thousands of dollars in expensive ink cartridges over time.

Over Buying/Under Buying – Customers often under buy then become frustrated when their printer is slow to print large jobs or cannot take the paper sizes needed. Less common is the customer who over buys an expensive machine that is rarely used and has excess capacity. Printers are not like houses where buying to your affordability limit will pay back later.

Not Considering The Other Options – If your office has multiple printers, the goal should be to build a complementary fleet of printers that can each handle a certain kind of job very well. Choose one to be the workhorse, high output black and white printer, another to be the high quality color printer and a copier/printer that can handle many paper sizes and auto-staples, for example. Make sure everyone knows how to optimize their print jobs by sending them to the correct printer for low-cost, fast output.

Not Considering Re-Furbs – Refurbished printers can meet the budget needs and still have a long and productive life in many offices. For many companies, buying a brand new printer is paying too high a premium that isn’t necessary to get the work done. Especially in relatively low-volume locations like service stations, oil change stations, back room offices and warehouses.

When you need advice from an unbiased partner, contact Rapid Refill.