A Pickup Roller

Two things are true for everyone about printer paper jams: They seem to happen more to you than anyone else and they happen when you are in a hurry. At least that’s how it feels. So how can you prevent them and what should you do if they occur a lot?

Prevent: Make sure your paper and envelopes are correctly aligned in their feed trays. Misaligned media will cause paper jams. Make sure you are using a recommended paper weight for your printer.  Do not reinsert paper that has gone through the printer and may be crumpled or folded. Try flipping the stack of paper over in the tray and reprinting. Do not over load the paper tray.

Still Jamming? If your printer is chronically jamming by picking up multiple sheets of paper from the feeder area, you may be able to adjust the tension on the pickup device. Look for a paper size knob that you can turn on your printer.  Another issue could be that your pickup roller is wearing down. If your printer continually jams, it is likely that parts are wearing out within the printer. Contact your local Rapid Refill store and ask if they can recommend a solution for your printer model.