Just as Uber revolutionized the taxi industry with ridesharing, cloud printing apps promise the ability to print from your mobile device to any connected printer – making it easier for you to print on the go. Apple’s Printer Finder app for iPhone, the Epson’s Printer Finder for Android and a dozen more promise an easy on-the-go printer location experience. (to find more – go to Google play or iOS App Store and search “printer finding.”)

Here’s what you need to know to print:

1) You won’t print for free. Most accessible cloud printers are at big box stores, libraries, public buildings, mail service stores or other locations where you will need to pay for each print before being able to get that document onto paper. Still, you can find a close location to print!

2) Security is an issue. Beware that sending a print job to a printer means that the job is visible to others and you could have your job re-printed or viewed by any entry-level computer hacker (like most 7th graders.) Not an issue if your document is a recipe or directions – but be careful with any contract, business proposal or copyrighted materials.

3) There are limits. Most printers on the cloud can accept Office documents and pdf’s but non-standard document files can be problematic. Your device may need to download a driver to get full printing capabilities on some printers.

Want to turn one of your printers into a cloud printer? Google makes it easy if you have Google Chrome. Or you can easily add many new models of laser jet printers as long as they are connected to the internet using a series of steps in their initial set up.

Want to know more? Contact your Rapid Refill Printing expert who can help you find the best print solution for you.