The right way to shake toner?

Does Shaking Toner Work?

Yes!! And no. When you reach the end of your toner’s life in a laser printer, you may notice that print is light or uneven. If the reason may be that the remaining toner powder is unevenly distributed within the cartridge. Removing the cartridge and GENTLY sloshing it left and right (not up and down) can redistribute the remaining powder within the cartridge and give you from 20-50 more high quality pages before running out completely (depending on your print intensity.) If someone has already done that and you didn’t know it, you may not get any more prints. Also, the toner may be, in fact, depleted and this will not yield you more pages.

In either case, once your print quality degrades, it is time to contact your local Rapid Refill store for a remanufactured cartridge and recycle the current one. You’ll save money and preserve the resources used to manufacture your cartridge by giving it another useful life in the future.