Now that school is back in session and fewer activities are happening outdoors, the home office area of your home can be under a lot of unproductive strain.  Here are four things you can do TODAY to improve your home office!

  1. Get faster internet. If changing internet service providers seems daunting, just think of the time you spend every day waiting for pages to load, emails to open and photos to send. Whittling away at your productivity a minute at a time, slow internet service is a serious time waster. Time IS money – for everyone, so think of improving your internet speed as money and time given back to you. Contact local providers and get a speed upgrade.
  2. Get your printer cleaned. Contact Rapid Refill  for a cleaning service and see an improvement in print quality, quieter operation and less ink and toner use per page. It’s a smart move all the way around.
  3. Clear clutter. I know and you know that the piles of paper are not just a nuisance, they waste time and energy. Plus, lost coupons and offers cost money. Sort coupons and special offers in a divided pouch to make them more portable. Set up a tabbed system for papers you need to keep for the long term like
    1. Insurance
    2. School Records
    3. Medical Receipts and Records
    4. Legal Documents
    5. Warranties
    6. Owner’s Manuals
    7. Then, PURGE, PURGE, PURGE.
  4. Clean your email inbox. Set a timer for 20 minutes. Without stopping to re-read emails, go through your email inbox and either delete or file every item in your inbox. Create a folder that says “REPLY” and drop the emails awaiting your response. Make that the first order of business over coffee tomorrow. By tomorrow at noon, you will have a clean inbox and a new outlook on being in control of your home office.