As much as we love to go on and on about ink and toner and their importance to high quality print output, the truth is PAPER MATTERS! Budget-priced, all-purpose copy paper will not grab and hold the micro-fine toner the way a high-quality paper made for laser jets will. So, here are just a few reasons to re-think your decision to save money on paper by buying the truckload multi-purpose paper the next time it goes on sale at the MegaMart:

Poor quality paper will create paper dust that jams your printer and ultimately shorten the life of your printer.

Low quality paper tends to curl in heat and humidity. It also warps and bends if not stored completely flat. Not exactly the image you want to make.

Poor quality paper will not grab the color toner and showcase the true colors correctly.

High quality paper needs to be able to hold the LAYERS of toner that are applied when you make a laser jet color printout. Think about it: Toner is pressed and melted onto the paper to adhere to it. When you use color toner, you are using layers of CYMK on top of the paper to create the same color you see on the computer screen. Layers that bleed into the paper will give your color a faded look. High quality paper holds “vibrant” colors on top of the paper.

Which brings us to weight and brightness. Higher quality paper will have a more durable weight (we recommend 20-28lb) and a brightness rating (we recommend 85-90.) For budget- minded businesses, we recommend that you keep a heavier, high quality paper near the main printer for important printing and a less-expensive paper for day to day print jobs.

If you have been using a multi-purpose paper in your printer, now is the time to have it cleaned and serviced to reduce the damage of paper dust to your moveable parts in your printer. Call Rapid Refill now to schedule a maintenance visit.

When you are disappointed in the quality of the output from your printer, take a look at the PAPER you are using and consider upgrading the paper quality to take full advantage of the toner and printer you use.