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The Truth About Toner Cartridges
When I was a little girl, my mother and I were standing in an elevator along with a woman wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry. I looked up at this woman and asked her, “lady, are those REAL rhinestones or just plain diamonds?” She placed her hand on my shoulder and replied, “very sorry to disappoint you, but they are just plain diamonds.” My mother was mortified.

The “rhinestones” of the toner cartridge industry are the compatible and remanufactured products that produce the same quality, longevity and reliability of their “diamond” counterpart, name brand OEM cartridges. The only difference is the price.

Compatible cartridges are essentially knock-off cartridges that have been built from the ground up and dressed just different enough to avoid patent infringements but perform like OEMs. Compatibles are the least expensive products, but are brand new! Using compatible cartridges will not void the warranty on the printer.

Remanufactured cartridges use the empty core of say an HP or Brother cartridge. The guts are removed and replaced with new moving parts such as rollers, blades and chips along with the prescribed amount of toner or ink required by industry standards to achieve the OEM page count and quality. There is little risk of patent infringement when “remanning” an existing cartridge and remanufactured cartridges will not void your printer warranty.

At Rapid Refill Ink we educate ourselves by researching, testing, and listening to customer feedback to decide the rhinestone that will work best in your printer. We have been at this for nine years now and Rapid Refill Ink is dedicated to saving you and your company money with the best printing supplies.

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