Quieter Printing Printers have come a long way since dot matrix days when the racket of printing could be heard across the office. Today’s printers offer much quieter service – and many new ones provide a Quiet option that specifically operates at a more gentle sounding level. To find the setting, select printer options on the menu screen of the printer itself (not on your computer) and search for the Quiet setting. This is a great option when printer noises are disruptive – although the printing speed may be affected.

Another way to keep your printer operating as quietly as the day you bought it is to maintain and clean it regularly. Printer cleaning and maintenance will also keep your printer operating efficiently, extend the life of the printer and reduce supply waste. There are moving components inside every printer that wear over time. Keeping those components, clean, lubricated and appropriately calibrated keeps the printer working quietly and efficiently. One sure sign that your printer is overdue for a cleaning is if it operates more loudly than before.

For expertise and guidance about your printer or to get a thorough cleaning and service call from a printing professional, contact your local Rapid Refill store today.