Just for laughs, here are a few of our favorite printer stories. Most involve people who just didn’t use their heads.  Don’t let us include you in our next Strange But True post.

A New Mousetrap? In cold weather, mice love to find a dark, warm place to snuggle in for the winter. Sounds exactly like the inside of a large floor-model printer. Yes, we have found mice in printers. “So THAT is the squeaking we heard.”

Just because it’s called paper, doesn’t mean it goes in the printer. Like wax paper (there was a Pinterest fad about that a couple months ago,) wall paper, construction paper, paper towels and thermal paper. All of which will lead to a service call.

It’s all fun and games at the office party: until someone realizes there are lipstick kisses on every copy afterward. Yes. Someone kissed the copier glass and left a messy kiss on every copy afterward.

They aren’t THAT smart yet. A older gentleman called because his computer said it couldn’t find the printer. He even turned the screen of the computer right at the printer and it still couldn’t “see” it.