Here at Rapid Refill we hear our share of printer problems. Printers seem to instinctively know when we are under deadline when they fail to operate correctly. Here are some fast ways to troubleshoot a printer when it is causing you stress.

  1. RTM. Yeah, yeah – we know. No one like this. But it works: Read The Manual.
  2. Three basics:
    1. Plug. Check that the plug, surge protector and outlet are working. Move all three to make sure.
    2. Online? Yes. I know it SHOULD be online. Just double check to make sure. Ask someone else to print to it if possible.
    3. Test print. Use the test print button on the printer itself, if possible, to diagnose if the problem is within the printer (like needing toner or ink) or with the connection to the printer. Otherwise, use the printer icon in Control Panel to sent a test print to the printer.
  3. Check those lights. Blinking lights are how your printer tells you what is wrong. A printer with an orange light or a blinking green light is signaling an error. Check the blinking light signal against the manual or the manufacturer’s website to understand what the trouble is.
  4. Is it clean? If you see streaked or messy printouts you may need to clean or service your printer. Deep head cleaning may need to be done several times. If that doesn’t correct the problem, contact a Rapid Refill store to schedule a cleaning appointment.