It never fails: when you are in a hurry to print, the laser printer decides it needs to take a few minutes to “warm up.” Why is that?

We asked our resident expert, Merle Meyer – Vice President of Technology at Rapid Refill  – and learned a lot. Laser printers typically delay printing to warm up the image transfer drum and rollers prior to creating the first image. The imaging drum must first be cleaned by negatively charging the drum while a delicate rubber flange clears off all past toner residue to make sure that the new print out will be as clean as possible. In fact, the excess toner residue that is scraped off the drum builds up in a reservoir that must be periodically purged to make sure that your laser printer works correctly. This is one of many steps we take in all of our servicing and printer cleaning maintenance calls.

Before the imaging drum is ready to accept the positive charge which will ultimately attract and hold the toner particles to it before being transferred and fused to the paper, the imaging drum literally has to be “warm.’

So now you know. And, as they say, knowing is half the battle.